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Top5OP 5: Celebrities with serious eye issues.

TOP 5: Celebrities with serious eye issues.

Often we think of celebrities as flawless people. The reality is that they are just like the rest of us, and are also susceptible to illnesses.

Find out more about these 5 Actors and actresses who suffer serious eye issues.

#1 Johnny Depp

In an interview with a famous magazine he revealed that not only he suffers from natural blurry vision but he is nearly blind in his left eye!

#2 Judi Dench

She suffers from macular degeneration. Essentially this condition causes gradual deterioration of vision in older adults, resulting in distortion, blurry vision, and other issues.

#3 Kristen Bell

This American actress and singer suffers from lazy eye. Basically, the eye skews to the side rather than focusing ahead as directed by the brain.

#4 Brad Pitt

The actor suffered from naturally imperfect vision. He underwent laser eye surgery to correct the issue.

#5 Forest Whitaker

The lazy eye condition he suffers means that he can’t see well out of his left eye, and that the problem might be fixed if his lazy eye is corrected.

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