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Orthokeratology Treatment

Alternatives to Laser Eye Surgery

Ortho K: 100% Safe – Affordable – Easy!

Correct Your Vision – Put Away Your Glasses!

Wear Contact Lenses AT NIGHT – and never wear eyeglasses again.  Orthokeratology (“Ortho K”) is the ONLY way to correct your vision without undergoing eye surgery.

Ortho K: Safe As Contact Lenses

Ortho K  is as safe as contact lenses.  Why spend thousands of dollars to permanently burn layers or cut layers off of your cornea as with Laser and Lasik eye surgery?   These types of eye surgeries have very real health risks associated with them. Ortho-K is the safer choice, without the risk of infections and/or permanent scar tissue on your Cornea.

Great for Kids & Sports

Ortho K can help children and athletes in very special ways!  For kids, it can prevent their vision from getting worse – or at least slow down the process.  For athletes, it enables you to have perfect vision – WITHOUT EYEGLASSES or CONTACT LENSES !!

Dr. Bachra Explains Ortho K in this very special video…(See above)

…plus here is one Ortho-K Advocate, Pro Rugby Player

Tatafu Polota-Nau

Brooke Miller, Pro volleyball player

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