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Lifetime Eyecare Newsletter – $2,000 in CASH awarded in New Westminster

How can you win $2,000 on New Year’s Day?

How about brand new Ray Ban’s and Justin Timberlake’s NEW EYEGLASS DESIGNS?  The latest Lifetime Eyecare Newsletter is a great way to stay connected to us and get the latest news and even special coupons and rebates. Click here to see the newest issue.

…and when you GIVE US YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS – we NEVER give it away or sell it to anyone.  We love our customers and patients and we respect your privacy. We ONLY send emails to you when we have something to actually say.  Don’t worry, we don’t like spam either…

…and how about Facebook?

You FB?  Well then – click here to connect to us on Facebook.  “Like” us and you will be notified about upcoming sales, special offers, new videos and more.  Its more than just about eye care, its also about eyeglasses, sunglasses, designer eyewear, children’s vision, senior vision, ortho-K and everything about you having great vision with eyes that are healthy!

In fact FACEBOOK is probably the BEST way to stay connected to us since Facebook is where we announce everything first.  At Lifetime Eyecare, the order goes a little something like this – Facebook – Blog (web) – Email Newsletter.

So, if you ever need to come in and talk to Dr. Bachra about anything related to your eyes or just feel like checking out our amazing selection of high-end designer eyeglasses and sunglasses, feel free to call us at 604.522.1120 – seven days a week!  Wait – why not just come into the store instead and talk to us in person.  That is much more fun for everyone!


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