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Hyack Parade in New Westminster

What a wonderful day in New Westminster.  Lifetime Eyecare had the tremendous opportunity to have a booth at the Hyack Parade and Street Festival.  Several of our wonderful staff members: Nav, Lucy, Navi, Chantel and even Dr. Bachra herself got involved in the fun on 6th Street.

We handed out over 150 gift bags, had our caricature artist provide over 100 personal drawings for free (please see www.corycatures.com) and we received over 25o new entries in our $500 Shopping Spree Contest.

Wheeeew.  What a fun day!  If you didn’t make it down to New Westminster for this great event, put it on your calender for next year.  It is great family fun in the increasingly HIP New Westminster.  Here are some photos of our wonderful day.  To see these photos described on Facebook, you can simply to go https://www.facebook.com/LifetimeEyecareNewWest.

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