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Prescription eyeglass lenses


Quality matters when you are buying prescription lenses for your eyeglasses or sunglasses.


  • We carry ONLY the higher quality Essilor, Nikon and Zeiss prescription lenses, single vision, bifocal and progressive.
  • We NEVER use cheap, imported lenses or sub-quality locally made lenses from “independent” labs where often quality and clarity is compromised.
  • Our in-house optical lab and optical experts will make sure you get the RIGHT LENS for your vision.
  • Our 5-Star service will be there for you with 6 days a week support and our 100% guarantee (see Guarantees)


Head Optician YiannisNikon & Essilor, two of the biggest names in prescription eyeglass lenses also have created some of the best eyeglass lenses in the world.  We never sell lower quality lenses just to make an extra buck.  We stand by our quality and we guarantee it, 100%.


We also have specialty lens producers, such as Zeiss and Rodenstock, that we also have specific qualities that work for specific eyecare patients.
At Lifetime Eyecare, we never sell you lenses of suspect quality.  Imported lens can be lower quality due to lower standards abroad. We believe that the best prescription lenses are being produced right here in Canada, and we always make sure to use lenses from the very top eyeglass lens producers.  Its more than a promise.  Its the Lifetime Eyecare way.


To schedule an appointment for an eye exam you can use our Request Form on our website or you can call us at 604-522-1120 if you have any other questions!