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Facebook Pre-Sale


Please visit our Facebook Page at:


Pre-Sale (Facebook Only) January 7 – 11

ACTUAL SALE January 12 – 31

There is a BIG Designer Frame Sale coming up – and if you want to take advantage, you have to go to our Facebook Page.  Simply “Like” us and you will be able to see our posts as we announce new sales, special offers and even Facebook ONLY stuff just like this.  You will then be connected to our most used form of communication with our community.

 Please note that Lifetime Eyecare communicates with our customers and patients in various ways.  Lifetime Eyecare uses Facebook most often to announce specials, contest winner information and details about our designer lines.  However we also send out a nice E-Newsletter about 6 times a year.

For more information on our Newsletter, CLICK HERE.

We also have The Lifetime Eyecare Blog, which is one of the best ways to keep track of what is available, what is hot and what deals we have for you.  Our blog will literally allow you to keep track off all the contests, sales and other key information.

If you want to see our Blog, CLICK HERE.

We also want to send out a general thank you to everyone who is either our eyecare patient or designer eyeglass, contact lens and/or sunglass customer!

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