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Kids & Seniors Pay NOTHING!
($0 Extra Fee Eye Exams)


RETURNING Adult Eye Exams $105
NEW Adult Eye Exams $115

and Student Eye Exams only $75

best price guarantee

Lifetime Eyecare has the BEST PRICE GUARANTEED! If you find a better in-store price on any frame or prescription lens, we will give you that lower price PLUS 10% EXTRA OFF the sales price!


During a comprehensive eye exam we…

  • Investigate all vision-related concerns you are reporting.
  • Conduct screening tests of your eyes checking for eye-related or vascular-related diseases; these include Cataracts, Macular Degeneration, Glaucoma and Diabetes to name a few.
  • Conduct screening that also can identify the existence of Hyperthyroidism or Multiple Sclerosis.
  • Check the quality of your vision by investigating any reduced visual acuity.
  • Take photos of your eye (if necessary – never extra charges if conducted as part of exam).
  • Provide a referral and schedule a NO FEE eye exam for you with an Retinal Specialist if needed.
  • Provide a full vision prescription for eyewear (if applicable).
  • Upon request provide a full vision prescription for contact lenses.
  • PD measurements are available upon request.**


To Learn about Children’s Eye Exams, please click here


* All Children through the age of 18 and all Seniors 65 years and older with B.C. Medical Services Plan (MSP) coverage are never charged a dime extra for their exam.  Nothing out of pocket for an annual exam and never a dime out of pocket for emergency appointments.
** Please note that PD (Pupil Distance) measurements are very subjective.  We cannot guarantee how any third party uses that information and whether they use it correctly.  This is particularly true if you plan to order eyeglasses online, as we have witnessed how a large percentage of lenses that are bought online are produced inaccurately.  We do provide a 100% guarantee that any lenses that we create for you will be done properly 100% of the time, or you get to choose (a) replace the lenses or (b) get a 100% refund.