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About Buying and Wearing Contact Lenses

Contact lensesOur optometrists and opticians will take all the confusion out of finding the perfect contact lenses for you. We know that with so many options and different brands out there, it can get pretty confusing as to which lenses are the perfect fit for you and your lifestyle. Lifetime Eyecare carries and sells all major brands from the most common contact lens manufacturers: Johnson & Johnson, Alcon, CooperVision and Bausch & Lomb.



Contact Lens Trials and Fittings

Contact lenses

The first step in a contact lens fitting is to first consider your specific lifestyle and your preferences regarding the wear of your contact lenses. This includes the option of using daily, weekly or monthly contact lenses, or whether you would prefer to change to your eye colour by using coloured lenses. Other options including using soft or hard contact lens types will also be taken into consideration and discussed with the patient.


For patients that want to get fitted for contact lenses and are over 40, the contact lens specialist will first take into account whether your specific eye needs include bifocal lenses. This includes discussing the options of using multifocal contact lenses and monovision (a type of prescribing technique that is used when one contact lens corrects your distance vision and the other lens corrects your near vision).


Come on in to get your eyes fitted today. We charge a one-time $50 fitting fee, however after paying it once, you can come in and see our Optometrists to get your fitting checked as many times as you may need. Patients also receive FREE trial contact lenses as part of their contact lens fitting so they can try and test out the contact lenses first.


To request an appointment to schedule your contact lens fitting, please click here.


Eye ContactsFollow-Up Visits to Confirm the Fit & Safety
It is not uncommon for you to have to have a number of follow-up visits with your Optometrist or contact lens specialist to confirm the contact lenses that perfectly fit your eye and eye conditions. We offer free follow-up visits because it is extremely important to us that the contact lens we have fit you for fits your eye perfectly and that your eyes are able tolerate wearing the contact lens without any issues.


Your Optometrist or contact lens specialist may often be able to see warning signs of an improper fitting even before you are aware of any developing problems or issues with your current contact lens. In case the specialist notices any warning signs in the follow-up visits, they may recommend a number of things, including: trying a different lens type, brand or material, using a different lens care method, or adjusting the wear time of your contact lens. In very rare occasions, it may be necessary for you to discontinue using contact lenses altogether. However, our contact lens specialists have been expertly trained with the latest technology in contact lenses, including lenses specially designed for hard to fit” eyes.


Contact Lenses for “Hard to Fit” Eyes

With so many different options for contact lenses out there for various eye care needs. Come in and see one of our Optometrists to have your eyes checked and fitted for the specific type of contact lens that would work the best for you and your needs. Our specialized Optometrists are even expertly specialized in fitting contact lenses for “hard to fit” eyes. If you have been previously told that you are not a good candidate for contact lenses, come in to see one of our Optometrists to give you the latest options for contact  lenses to fit your special needs.


Your Contact Lens Prescription

See clearly with contact lensesOnce your Optometrist or contact lens specialist has found a contact lens that fits you properly, comfortably and provides good vision, the doctor will then write you a contact lens prescription. This prescription will let you know the specific contact lens power, basecurve (curvature of the lens), the diameter of the lens, the lens name, brand and manufacturer. In the case of “hard to fit” lenses, additional specifications may also be added onto your prescription.


Order Your Contact Lenses

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