Celebrating Women's Rights with ContactsforLess.ca

Celebrating Women’s Rights with ContactsforLess.ca

Women’s rights are a no-brainer!

women's rights

Our friends over at ContactsforLess.ca have a mission to save our planet, one cause at a time, and one of them is women’s rights. When you purchase your contact lenses with them, they give away 51% of their profits to groups that help do that. Their group of the month for May 2016 is the Global Fund for Women, an organization that help fund groups that are defending women’s rights. You can watch the video below where Paul W. Slusher, CEO of ContactsforLess.ca, talks about The Global Fund for Women and how you can help them by simply buying your contact lenses online!

To learn more about ContactsforLess.ca, visit our page that describe their mission and explain who they are.

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