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Vision Loss is Increasing

All Eyes Here: Vision Loss is Increasing Every Year Over 50,000 Canadians lose their eyesight every year. This number is expected to increase dramatically in the next 10 years as people grow older. By 2036, Canada will have roughly 10.9 million seniors, twice what it was in 2009. More than 5.5 million Canadians suffer from…
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Common Eyesight Problems in Children and Treatment

Last Eye Exam Was How Long Ago? When was your child's last eye exam?  Untreated vision problems can greatly affect a child's academic performance, as 80% of learning is done through the eyes. Doctors recommend a full optometric eye exam at least every two years to catch any developing issues quickly. School vision tests are…
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Electrical Currents can Improve your Vision

“Shocking” New Developments In Vision Improvement The thought of pairing electricity and medicine might make you conjure up all sorts of spooky thoughts and images, but a new study from researchers at Vanderbilt University suggests that maybe soon, the only images it’ll make you conjure will be the crystal-clear ones you see with your eyes,…
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