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Virtual Reality Games May be Harmful to Young Kids’ Eyes

Virtual Reality Can Cause Real Damage to Children's eyes. Kids usually are great with new technology, from tablets to the new trend in video games called Virtual Reality games (VR). Optometrists are warning parents about the new products hitting the shelves lately. VR headsets, usually too big for kids' heads, are meant for adult eyes…
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Celebrating Women’s Rights with

Women's rights are a no-brainer!   Our friends over at have a mission to save our planet, one cause at a time, and one of them is women's rights. When you purchase your contact lenses with them, they give away 51% of their profits to groups that help do that. Their group of the…
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Myopia in Kids Can be Reduced with Outdoor Light

CHILDREN AND MYOPIA   Children are often on mobile devices, tablets, computers, or even sitting too close to the T.V. This has been the cause of conception that children's eyes would be negatively impacted over short periods of time. However, Associate Professor Scott Read, director of research at QUT's School of Optometry and Vision Science,…
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