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How to Read Your Prescription

How to Read your Prescription, By Gary Heiting, OD So, you've just had an eye exam and your optometrist or ophthalmologist has given you an eyeglass prescription. He or she probably mentioned that you are nearsighted or farsighted, or perhaps that you have astigmatism. But what do all those numbers on your eyeglass prescription mean? And…
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Myopia: Causes and Cures

So you have Myopia or are concerned about it? You came to the right blog... Myopia is known for being the reason why distant objects are blurry and why sometimes you will see flashes of light.  You maybe wondering how is this caused? Or why can’t I see that sign on the road? Well this…
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Types of Specialty Eyewear

Though your "everyday" glasses may serve you well for many activities, you can improve your comfort, performance and safety for other specific visual tasks with specialty eyewear. This is especially true if you wear bifocals or progressive lenses due to presbyopia. Here are a few examples of where specialty eyewear provides advantages over everyday glasses:…
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