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Contest Winner Jan 2019 Announced

Congratulations to our January Contest Winner! McKenzie Fuller of Horsefly, BC (yes - up north) was the $1,000 shopping spree winner! Congrats to her. That means she has $1,000 to use up anytime she pleases. She can use it for eye exams, contact lenses, designer eyeglass frames, prescription lenses, sunglasses or any accessory we sell.…
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Great Service Says Eye Care Customer

Eye Care Patients Tells Us "Great Service" "Great Service are words that come from directly from Natalie of New Westminster. She wrote to us at Lifetime Eyecare to tell us the following: "Great service and really fast. The lenses I got for my glasses are much better than what I had previously from another supplier.…
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Can Tea And Exercise Prevent Glaucoma?

What is glaucoma? Glaucoma is a condition causing damage to the optic nerve in your eye.  The damage increases as time continues.  Left untreated, it leads to complete permanent blindness. It is the leading cause of blindness worldwide.  Fifty percent of people with glaucoma have no idea that they have it. In 2013, there was…
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