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Coffee Could Prevent Exercise-Induced Eye Fatigue

Eyes feel strained after your work-out? Drink¬†coffee!   A recent study at the¬†University of Auckland in New Zealand has shown that coffee could help prevent exercise-induced eye fatigue. Vigorous exercise can lower the central nervous system's ability to drive muscle function, resulting in what is known as central fatigue. Central fatigue usually affects limb movement,…
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E-cigs Can Damage Your Vision

E-cigarettes, or e-cigs, have been very popular the past few years. Many people use them to help stop their addiction to nicotine, to stop smoking regular cigarettes, or simply because they love the taste of the many flavoured options. However, experts have discovered that e-cigs could actually be bad for our vision. E-cigs can damage…
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Hard to Fit Contacts

Having a hard time wearing contacts? Our friends over at wrote the article below which could help you answer a few questions if you are having trouble wearing contacts! Not all eyes are the same. There are a number of eye conditions that can make wearing contacts difficult. Some of these conditions include, astigmatism,…
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