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IN THE NEWS: Chinese Province Bans App-Based Homework

This Chinese Province Has A Good Idea To Save Children's Vision! A recent article in The Guardian highlights an important topic: technology-use and your child's eyesight. It has been argued by many vision experts that we must beware! The use of laptops, pads and phones can be a strain on the eyes of children. There…
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Nano Vista Eyeglass Frames for Kids Now Available!

  NEW: Nano Vista Eyeglass Frames for Kids now available at Lifetime Eyecare! From the class room to the playground, your child can fully enjoy himself without fear of breaking these incredibly tough eyeglass frames.¬† They'll keep his eyes safe and stay whole even while your little darling wrestles on the grass, climbs monkey bars,…
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Common Eyesight Problems in Children and Treatment

Last Eye Exam Was How Long Ago? When was your child's last eye exam? ¬†Untreated vision problems can greatly affect a child's academic performance, as 80% of learning is done through the eyes. Doctors recommend a full optometric eye exam at least every two years to catch any developing issues quickly. School vision tests are…
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