Monthly Archives: February 2016

Eye Care for Infants and Children

At birth, your infant can only see in black, white, and certain shades of gray. Except things change. Their eyes are a very complex structure which helps them see and differentiate what is what. Many seem to think that an eye exam is petty or unnecessary. But as they say, there’s more than meets the…
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New Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren Line Are In!

Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren brand lovers, rejoice! There are new designer frames available to you in store and they are ready to sit on your nose! Come visit us and have a look-see! We have a wide selection of designer brands in store! We are opened 7 days a week. Give us a call at (604) 522-1120.
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Myopia: Causes and Cures

So you have Myopia or are concerned about it? You came to the right blog... Myopia is known for being the reason why distant objects are blurry and why sometimes you will see flashes of light.  You maybe wondering how is this caused? Or why can’t I see that sign on the road? Well this…
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