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Dry Eye Syndrome

Dry eye syndrome (or “dry eye”) is the chronic lack of enough lubrication on the surface of the eye, causing general discomfort and difficulty wearing contact lenses. It can also increase the risk of eye infections. Dry eye is common, with some studies reporting that 10 to 20 million Americans experiencing it to some degree. Common risk factors…
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Everything you need to know about eye floaters and spots

Eye Floaters and Spots Floaters and spots are harmless tiny clumps of gel or cells embedded the vitreous – the clear, jelly-like fluid that fills the inside of your eye. Floaters may look like specks, strands, webs or other shapes. They usually can be seen most easily when looking at a plain background, like a…
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J. Google Review, December 2015 ★★★★★ " I am so happy to have found Lifetime Eyecare. Dr. Bachra & her staff provide friendly, professional service at a very reasonable price. In the past, I've visited several costly optometrists in downtown Vancouver who didn't seem to have the time or expertise to help me. In contrast,…
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